“Wisdom teeth” suggest many negative qualities, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Tooth extractions in Whittier and Los Angeles performed by a Board-certified holistic dentist leverage conservative approaches for the utmost comfort, and minimal risks of complications and post-operative side effects, such as pain.

Wise up about wisdom teeth

The last permanent teeth usually appear between the ages of 17 and 25. Located at the back corners of your mouth, these third molars don’t always develop properly. When they are problematic, you’ll know. Teeth often get trapped in the underlying bone and gums. They push up against other teeth, potentially causing damage to surrounding tissues and structures because they don’t have space to grow in at the proper angle.

Dr. Nico relieves your pain and doesn’t add to it with unwanted post-surgical side effects.

A preferred way to extract

You’ve come to the right place to look and feel better. Since wisdom teeth can’t be removed in the same way as other teeth, Dr. Nico’s extensive surgical expertise comes into play as he’s equipped to handle the additional complexities associated with developing or impacted wisdom teeth.

As a holistic practice, the team believes all procedures should retain as much natural, healthy tooth structure as possible for optimal health and comfort. Dr. Nico removes problematic tooth structure while minimizing disturbances to surrounding tissues. Conservative approaches result in less post-operative trauma and minimal risks of complications that are often linked to extraction, such as bleeding, swelling, bruising, and painful dry socket, which occurs when a blood clot becomes dislodged from its socket.

Don’t wait for pain and discomfort to escalate. Rethink wisdom teeth extraction procedures and find out more about Dr. Nico’s conservative approach by calling (844) 899-8080 for the Whittier office or (844) 920-2255 to schedule an appointment in Los Angeles.