Holistic Dentistry

Services in Los Angeles and Whittier CA

Dr. Nico Moghtader takes a holistic approach to dentistry. He and his team are committed to patients’ whole health and optimal wellness of mind, body, and spirit.

How is holistic different?

Healthcare today, including dentistry, is largely focused on symptom management and disease treatment. That system promotes a pro-active approach after a problem develops, with a narrow focus on the specific disease. By contrast, the holistic practitioner is focused on preventive care and promoting wellness.

The holistic approach includes:

  • Awareness of whole health, and well educated in the interconnectedness of the human body
  • Using nontoxic materials and avoiding any procedure or technique that would be detrimental to the patient
  • Considering all factors that affect a patient’s health, including nutrition, lifestyle, and emotional wellness
  • Using minimally invasive techniques to preserve healthy teeth and minimize patient discomfort
  • Individual attention and highly customized treatment, because we are keenly aware that every body is unique

About mercury amalgam

One of the most common reasons that people seek holistic dentistry is amalgam. Better known as silver filling material, this alloy contains about half mercury. Several countries around the world have chosen to ban or severely restrict dental amalgam. However, it is still legal and widely used in the United States.

Holistic dentists hold themselves to a higher standard than simply meeting minimum legal requirements. We have a very simple method for choosing which materials, techniques, and technology is appropriate for our practice. We use what we believe to be the absolute safest and healthiest option available. Like other holistic practitioners, we refuse to put mercury in the mouths of our patients.