Wisdom Teeth Removal
in Los Angeles and Whittier CA

Wisdom teeth extraction can be efficient and painless, if you choose the right dentist. For patients in Los Angeles, Whittier, and nearby communities, the right dentist is Dr. Nico. He has diverse training and experience, giving him the skills to extract wisdom teeth with precision – and without causing pain for the patient.

Why are wisdom teeth problematic?

“Wisdom teeth” is actually the common term for third molars. They are the last teeth to erupt, appearing after the rest of the dental structure has fully developed. If there is sufficient room for the third molars without crowding other teeth or impeding jaw function, they are harmless. Unfortunately, a large percentage of people do not have enough space in their mouths to accommodate these new teeth, leading to a host of problems.

  • Constant, excess pressure on neighboring teeth can cause severe toothaches
  • Other teeth can be fractured, broken, pushed out of proper alignment, or otherwise damaged
  • Crowding can make it difficult to clean around and between teeth, increasing the risk of oral disease
  • The tooth may become impacted, meaning that it partially or completely develops below the gumline
  • Impacted teeth crowd, and possibly damage, nerves, roots of nearby teeth, and other deep tissues


An impacted tooth cannot be simply pulled out. It requires surgical extraction, which is far more complex and delicate. Dr. Nico has extensive training and experience in this procedure, and he has learned how to remove the tooth with minimal disturbance to surrounding tissue.

  • The area is completely numbed
  • Minimally invasive techniques are used
  • The procedure is fast and painless
  • Healing is rapid, with minimal post-surgery discomfort

If you have concerns about wisdom teeth, please call and schedule your appointment today.